Sunday, January 13, 2019

Frantically Finishing Up

We are working hard, frantically finishing up the Ambos Lados International Print Exchange.  We are thick into archiving, framing, and redistributing the prints.  First exhibition is at the big SGCI print conference in North Texas, during March 6 - 9, 2019.  All the prints will soon be posted online.

Print edition deliveries last December
from the University of New Mexico:


Manuel Guerra printing at Horned Toad Prints in El Paso

Some of the boxes of print editions that came in from Oaxaca

Skuishii working on her edition
at studio Horned Toad Prints in El Paso

Francisco Delgado slaving away on a print
at studio Horned Toad Prints in El Paso

Raul Monarrez with conviction
at studio Horned Toad Prints in El Paso

for Ambos Lados

Cynthia Evans hands in her print edition

Cynthia Evans is teaching printmaking
at the El Paso Museum of Art  --
some of the student work hands in the hallways

creates his print at the El Paso Museum of Art

Marco Sanchez' s print edition for Ambos Lados

Krrrl edition

Victor Muheddine joined Ambos Lados,
and completed the junta of beards,
when he visited Horned Toad Prints studio in El Paso

Another studio shot of Horned Toad Prints in El Paso

Boxes and coffee,
to sort print editions

Last December 2018, The Guardian from Great Britain did an article about El Paso art -- The street art of El Paso, Texas -- in pictures

Update (Jan 17)  Horned Toad Prints studio is busy silk screening the cardboard portfolio boxes, which all participants will receive (with 10 prints inside, by 10 different artists):

Those portfolio boxes are looking good
with 2 logos printed on them:
Horned Toad Prints and
Taller Grafica Libre

Studio shoot
(these photos are courtesy of Federico Villalba)

Los Tres Grandes
of Horned Toad Prints studio
in El Paso

On the outside
looking in from Alameda Street

Santa Fe

Meanwhile, at Argos Studio and Gallery in Santa Fe, Eric Thomson and Krrrl have already started cutting mats, to frame the Ambos Lados prints.

Eric Thomson measuring all the prints,
before cutting window mats

Eric Thomson cutting mats
to fit in the 10 x 13 frames


Julianna Kiriwin of Albuquerque (who submitted to Ambos Lados) is now printing down in Oaxaca:

Julianna Kirwin of Albuquerque (right)
printing with Federico Valdez 
at Cooperativa Grafica in Oaxaca

Julianna Kirwin's print
that she is making in Oaxaca in January 2019
(not her Ambos Lados print)

Julianna's teacher

"Here’s the amazing woodcuts by Taller Artística Comunitaria 
that I have seen wheat pasted to outside walls around Oaxaca. 
You can see how the weather has deteriorated the paper somewhat."

Julianna is working with Abraham Torres also

Meanwhile, Orlando Almanza sends an announcement from Havana, Cuba about his opening on Friday, January 18th.  He submitted a print to the Ambos Lados International Print Exchange.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Oaxaca Print Pickup

Manuel Guerra flew down to Oaxaca from El Paso on December 21, to pick up 55 print editions from Taller Grafica Libre 

Manuel Guerra of Horned Toad Prints, and Adrian Aguirre and Beatriz Rivas of Taller Grafica Libre, are organizing the Ambos Lados International Print Exchange

Nirvana in Oaxaca
 Adrian Aguirre, Manuel Guerra (Sitting, l to r),
 Nidia Rosales, Beatriz Rivas (Standing, l to r)

First Manny delivered a composition roller from Takach Press to Beatriz Rivas and Adrian Aguirre, the directors of Taller Grafica Libre from their home studio in Oaxaca.  They are organizing the Mexican printmakers in the Ambos Lados International Print Exchange.

Beatriz holds the Takach roller,
while Adrian holds their Mexican hairless dog

Then Manny picked up 55 Mexican print editions for the Ambos Lados International Print Exchange:

Taller Grafica Libre had a "reventon" in their studio in Zaachila with some of the printmakers contributing to Ambos Lados.

Gathering of printmakers at Taller Grafica Libre
in Zaachila

Visiting other print talleres:

Some art flavor of Oaxaca:

Reflections in Tamayo 


Oaxaca City

It was just before Christmas in Oaxaca

In front of Santo Domingo, downtown Oaxaca

Why would I leave Oaxaca?

Call to Printmakers