Friday, July 27, 2018

Horned Toad Prints World Headquarters

Horned Toad Prints set up shop in a new space, next to the Mexican border, in El Paso.

3 from the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta --
wearing the printed mask by Tom Huck

Manuel Guerra,
owner of Horned Toad Prints

Manuel Guerra unpacks the first delivery
to the Ambos Lados International Print Exchange -- 
an edition by Tanya Rich,

We had a shop chop made at "Made to Order Stamp and Seal" of Albuquerque -- which is "Southwest Rubber Stamp Company" online.

Francisco and Manny
with the new Horned Toad Prints chop

Horned Toad Prints chop

Federico Villaba, Francisco Delgado, Manuel Guerra, Raul Monarrez

from looking at prints from other  shops and talleres

Manny received a print
from Angelica Bracho,
the director of Taller La Catrina
in Monterrey, Mexico

Manny and Francisco
studying a print from Tom Huck

Francisco reading about the 

Litho stones

Collaboration serigraph
between Manuel Guerra and Francisco Delgado

Wouldn't it be great
to show prints in 

Friday, July 20, 2018

Pavel Acevedo -- Linking Oaxaca and LA

Pavel Acevedo was our first connection to Oaxaca, when we met him in Riverside, California (where he now lives), back in 2015.  He grew up in Oaxaca, and set up a Oaxaca residency with Taller Grafica Libre, when Francisco Delgado created his print for the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta.

He also participated in the last Horned Toad Print Exchange II, as well as in the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta.

Pavel just had an opening on July 14, 2018, at the Biblioteca Andrés Henestrosa in Oaxaca City, which was written up in the Imparcial newspaper of Oaxaca.  The pictures below are from that exhibition:


when Cheech showed his collection

Interview at Modern Art Blitz
with Mat Gleason
Note: His Desert Triangle print in the background

at Avenue 50 Studio in Los Angeles
in May 2016.
Here he poses with 
gallery director Kathy Gallegos

We look forward to Pavel's edition for the Ambos Lados International Print Exchange!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Octavio Irving of Habana

We had a great workshop in the private studio of Octavio Irving in Habana, Cuba, on July 12, 2018.

We signed up for Octavio's workshop through AirBnB; but had a bigger experience since he also edition-ed Tanya Rich's print for the Ambos Lados International Print Exchange.  I hope we didn't exhaust him too much.  Hopefully he will also participate in the Ambos Lados exchange, if we are lucky and can arrange it.

We bought this print
from Octavio Irving

Karl Whitaker, Tanya Rich,
Beti and Octavio Irving

Studio apron


Huge collagraph print


Note the chop,
which I think is a raised 3D print

Father and son running the press


The idea of this AirBnB workshop was to create a relief print from a photograph.  After downloading a photograph to their laptop, we reduced it to a black and white image in high definition, and printed it out.  Then Octavio laid that print out on a piece of wood, and rubbed mineral spirits over it.  He rolled the paper on the wood panel through the press, to fully transfer the image.

After the image transferred to the wood panel, we could cut out the white areas with Power Grip carving tools, to make a relief print.

Tanya carving out her print

My certificate of participation


Marcos Polaco
selected some printmaking supplies 
from his employer Takach Press in Albuquerque,
which we left with Ocativo

Our Ride in Habana!!!

To paraphrase Octavio Irving -- "It's not a print shop without coffee.  You can do without presses, but coffee is essential."

We are very grateful to Octavio Irving for having us in his studio.  It was a wonderful experience.

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