Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Albuquerque Summary

We had an excellent Ambos Lados exhibition in Albuquerque at the Outpost Performance Space, from January 24th to April 29th, 2022.  Thank you to Lacey Chrisco and Chandler Wigton for curating the show, and to Tom Guralnick director of the Outpost.  This exhibition boosted more print activity in New Mexico, and buoyed up the Bucket Exhibitions project.

The poster

New Mexico printmaking POSTS:


We had a great opening at the Outpost Performance Space in Albuquerque on February 6th, 2022:

Albuquerque Museum Print Exhibition

During our Ambos Lados show the Albuquerque Museum had a huge print exhibition -- "The Printers Proof: Artist Printer and Collaborations-- February 19 - May 15th, 2022.  Lacey Chrisco was the associate curator for that exhibition, and Chandler Wigton was also part of it.

February 19, 2022
Lacey Chrisco (far left) moderating at the panel of printmakers
on the opening day,
Josie Lopez (far right) was the head curator

At the opening
standing in front of his prints

Albuquerque Art Walk

March 8, 2022
selling prints at the Albuquerque downtown Art Walk
with another Tortilla Press

Tortilla Printing at Hecho Gallery
May 1, 2022
Bill Lagattuta speaking on stage
at the Albuquerque Museum
with Robert Arber and Marge Devon,

HerStory Paste-up Prints

From February 22 to May 15th,  Ambos Lados printmaker Julianna Kirwin and the HerStory print collective showed paste-up prints on the Axle Contemporary mobile art van in Santa Fe:

On May 8th, 2022 they had a live printmaking event in front of the Axle Contemporary mobile art van at the Santa Fe Rail Yards:

Side Print Hustles

Skateboard Printing Press

Inspired by Joseph Velasquez, we made a Skateboard Press for printmaking at Quelab hackerspace in Albuquerque.  Robert Atkinson actually did all the work:

at Quelab hackerspace in Albuquerque

Ethan making the first Skateboard print
at the Quelab table
at the Albuquerque Rail Yards Sunday market

Portable Laser Engraver

Krrrl bought a portable laser engraver -- LaserPecker 2 -- to engrave linoleum to make prints.  The maximum area of this laser engraver was only 4x4 inches (rather than the 6x6 inches we prefer), however we did manage to engrave deep enough in 30 minutes to make a relief print on the Tortilla Press.

  • We also have a larger laser engraver at Quelab, so that we can laser cut 6x6 inch linoleum squares, and even larger sizes.


We conceived a more modest exhibition strategy as a follow-up to Ambos Lados -- BUCKET EXHIBITIONS.  Ten good framed 8x8 inch prints is a good pop-up exhibition.  The concept is based on the cheap 8x8 inch front loading frames from Walmart:

The BUCKET EXHIBITIONS idea congealed when Horned Toad Prints (Raul Monarrez and Manuel Guerra) came up from El Paso to make prints in Santa Fe, at Hecho A Mano gallery, at the top of Canyon Road, in August 2021.  The mighty Tortilla Press worked perfectly for printing on 8x8 inch paper:

In January 2022, Marcus Robiason and Joshua Woodhall made 8x8 inch prints in Tucson, on the Tortilla Press at the Sculpture Resource Center.

We had a 15 minute pop-up print show at the Cartel Coffee in downtown Tucson in January:

Manuel Guerra showed prints one night in a pop-up exhibition at the Alameda Art Salvage gallery in El Paso on March 17, 2022.  These were the prints made during the Ambos Lados opening in Albuquerque on February 6, 2022, at the Outpost Performance Space in Albuquerque.

Krrrl took the Tortilla Press to the figure drawing sessions on Thursday nights at the 4th Street Art Center, and made 8x8 inch prints during the model breaks:

May 6, 2022:

While we have been generating 8x8 inch prints on the Tortilla Press, we have also been soliciting 8x8 inch prints from El Paso, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Tucson, San Antonio, Mexico and even one from Australia, to show in a pop-up exhibition in El Paso during Memorial Day weekend, May 28th - 30th, 2022, at the Alameda Art Salvage gallery, just a short walk from the Mexican border.  Opening Saturday, May 28th, 6 - 10 PM:


In July from the 10th - 24th, we will be exhibiting 8x8 inch prints in Santa Fe, in the Axle Contemporary mobile art van.

Our show in the Axle Contemporary mobile art van will be part of the PRINTED MATTER festival on Sunday, July 10th, in the Santa Fe Railyard Complex:

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Opening Night at the Outpost Performance Space

We had a great opening in Albuquerque at the Outpost Performance Space/Inpost on Saturday, February 6th, 2022.  Thank you very much for having us Tom Guralnick, director of the Outpost!!!

Brooks Walch stepped up with his expertise
and made prints on the Tortilla Press during the opening

Big banner at the Outpost Performance Space
advertising Ambos Lados showing at the Inpost

Nice turnout for the opening

Juliana Kirwin standing underneath her print (l)
with Jeanette Cook (r)

Susan (Skuishii) Gonzalez pointing at her print --
she drove up all the way from El Paso to go to the opening

Eric and Meg from Denver (l) with Gabe (r)
pointing at Krrrl's print --

The Ambos Lados International Print Exchange was organized on both sides of the border

Ambos Lados was organized by Horned Toad Prints (director Manuel Guerra) in El Paso

The curators Lacey Chrisco and Chandler Wigton
consulting just before the opening


We did live printing on a Tortilla Press, which was innovated by 3 Gatos Press from Guadalajara, the two members participated in Ambos Lados (Alejandra Mares and Xavier Moreno).  They invited us to do some Tortilla Press printing in Tlaquepaque when we visited in 2019.

Lacey Chrisco made the first successful Tortilla Press print.  She was also one of the two curators for the exhibition:

Lacey Chrisco with the first Tortilla Press print!

Chandler Wigton made the second Tortilla Press print.  He was one of two curators for the exhibition:

Chandler Wigton making his print on the Tortilla Press

Lacey Chrisco and Chander Wigton handed out 6 x 6 inch linoleum squares to their classmates taking printmaking this semester at CNM with Lyn Pierre, and to a few other artists too.  They brought in their linoleum plates and we printed them on the Tortilla Press during the opening:

Tom Brown

Tara Walch with her print

Brooks Walch holding his print

We will send the prints made at the opening to El Paso, and aim to have a pop-up print show with prints from Manuel Guerra's students at UTEP.  Then hopefully all the prints will come back and we will have the same pop-up print show in Albuquerque.  This is the start of the BUCKET EXHIBITIONS projects.

The new relief prints made during the opening
on the Tortilla Press

stepped up to the Tortilla Press
and made a print from one of the Tres Gatos Press plates

Lawrence Welborn, Barbara Endicott and Heidi
we were pleasantly surprised that they came to the opening

Adric and Rebecca from Quelab came!!!

Brooks Walch jumped in and helped out a lot
making prints of his block as well as those of others
on the Tortilla Press!

Thank you Brooks Walch!

Prints on the table
some of which were given out for free during the opening

The Ambos Lados poster
hanging on the bulletin board at the Outpost

Thank you again Tom Guralnick, the director of the Outpost Performance Space:

UPDATE (February 20, 2022):  Lacey Chrisco was also the assistant curator for the the printmaking exhibition at the Albuquerque Museum -- Printer's Proof:  Artist and Printer Collaborations. In the photograph below she is introducing the master printmakers at the talk during the opening on February 19th, 2022:

Lacey Chrisco (left)
introducing the master printmakers 
during the talk at the Albuquerque Museum

Again, both Lacey Chrisco and Chandler Wigton curated this Ambos Lados show at the Outpost Performance Space.

Call to Printmakers

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