Thursday, October 18, 2018


Print editions are coming in from Puebla, Mexico!

We met some great printmakers in Puebla last year,  when we visited Museo Taller Erasto Cortes. We were exhibiting the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta at Trazo Laboratorio.


Oscar Navarro Serrano

Print Wave Rising

Prints are coming up.  The print wave is rising, and we are expecting a print tsunami soon!

Two editions already arrived from Havana, Cuba -- by Orlando Almanza and Octavio Irving.  We are very excited!

Print editions by 
Orlando Almanza (left) and Octavio Irving (right)

Darlene Kalynka is working on her edition in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

Darlene Kalynka from British Columbia, Canada

Meanwhile, Mary Lawler is busy making her print in the Santa Fe Etching Club, at Argos Print Studio/Gallery, in Santa Fe, New Mexico:

Mary's edition

Julianna Kirwin, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is back from exhibiting in Guanajuato, Mexico at the Maz-Ahua Gallery (at Casa Cuatro) and is busy making her print for Ambos Lados.

Julianna Kirwin from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA,
exhibited recently in Guanajuato, Mexico

Henry Morales started printing the edition of Augustine Romero on October 19, in his studio in Albuquerque.

Henry Morales printing in his studio

Henry is working on the edition of Augustine Romero

Meanwhile, Henry is working on his own woodcut print
for Ambos Lados

Alec Dempster, from Mexico City, is submitting to Ambos Lados.  And he will soon have a print show in Chicago -- Tierra Herida -- at the Open Center for the Arts:  Opening on October 27, 2018.

URUAPAN, Michoacán

We are looking forward to a bunch of editions are coming from MAPECO, in Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico. 

Beti from Taller Grafica Libre of Zaachila writes that these are photographs"del proceso del taller MAPECO, taller de Uruapan Michoacán el coordinador es Samuel Díaz e Irma Reyes."

Friday, September 28, 2018

Print Momentum, Past and Present

OCTOBER 6TH, 2018 *

Check out the Overall Summary of What has happened so far!   <--- this is the new shortened link to this blog.

Print editions are coming in; printmakers are still signing up!

Print Editions Delivered!
By Joshua Woodhall and Gonzalo Espinosa,
from the Sculpture Resource Center in Tucson

(from Instagram)

(from Instagram)


At the Seedboat Gallery, during the month of October 2018, we will be showing the second print exchange  -- Horned Toad II -- in Silver City, New Mexico.  The opening on October 5th, kicks off the Southwest Print Fiesta:  5 - 8 PM.  

Press Release for the Horned Toad II print exchange exhibit in Silver City.

Our exhibition is at the Seedboat Gallery 

Also, the Arizona Print Group
is exhibiting at Light Art Space,
opening the next night,
Saturday, Oct 6th, 5 - 7 PM

The main event, ie the print sale on Saturday, Oct 6th, features a lot of printmakers that we have been working with:

Vendor Map
for the Southwest Print Fiesta 2018

During that same weekend, there will be a city wide Red Dot art show in Silver City -- Oct 5 -8.

UPDATE:  We had a great turn out for the Horned Toad II Print Exchange for the opening on October 5, 2018, during the Southwest Print Fiesta in Silver City.  We look forward to similar exhibitions for the Ambos Lados International Print Exchange.

Meanwhile, in Lubbock, Carlos Hernandez and company are showing prints the same weekend.


In Silver City, we hope to debut the 3D printed printing press -- aka Open Press Project, DIY Printing Press -- the plans were downloaded for free from Thingiverse.

Manuel Guerra
holding the 3D printed printing press
in El Paso

Joshua Pederson of QueLab hackerspace in Albuquerque,
printed out all the parts on his 3D printer,
and assembled them 

Fab Lab El Paso was also interested in 3D printing a printing press.  If it works well, it would be a great quick and slick way of demonstrating the whole intaglio printmaking process.


Print Demo Idea

Perhaps we could laser cut an image into some small 1 x 1 inch copper squares.  We could not do this directly.  We would have to first spray paint the copper plates with  high heat spray paint.  Then we could laser cut the squares, taking only the paint off.

Next we would electro-etch the small squares, using a cell phone charger.  We would have to make sure that we beveled the edges of the plates.

Then we could make prints with the etched plates, on the 3D printed printing press.  Perhaps if we used Akua intaglio inks, the prints would be "dry" enough to take away.

Imagine, a mini print exchange, using the 3D printed printing press.  That is, if this whole process even works.

Call to Printmakers