Monday, November 12, 2018

First Wave -- Prints Arriving

The delivery date has been extended to December 15th, 2018, for the Ambos Lados International Print Exchange!

It's a beautiful sight, seeing the first wave of print editions arriving in El Paso!

Print editions so far in El Paso

Another view

And the above picture does not include the 12 editions in Albuquerque, which will be driven down to El Paso next weekend.

Albuquerque, New Mexico
snow on the mountain today

though not affiliated with Ambos Lados

That's 43 editions delivered, and counting.  From Mexico, Cuba, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Florida and other US states!

Plus there are finished editions yet to be sent from Oaxaca and Monterrey, Mexico.  And still other editions yet trickling in until December 15th.

Meanwhile it's a pleasant 81° F/ 27° C
in Oaxaca right now

IAGO (Instituto de Artes Gráficas de Oaxaca) is an important printmaking/art institution in the center of Oaxaca City,  founded by the famous artist Francisco Toledo.  

Friday, November 9, 2018

It's Raining Prints!

The delivery date has been extended to December 15th, 2018, for the Ambos Lados International Print Exchange!

Although the deadline has been extended, it's raining prints right now!  Even the packaging is beautiful!

Beautiful packaging
of an arriving print edition

Earlier this week, packages from both Canada and Mexico arrived in Albuquerque (your blogger is in Albuquerque).

Packages from  Puebla,Mexico 
and British Columbia, Canada


British Columbia, Canada

Mary Sundstrom, co-owner of Remarque Print Workshop, and Kate Coucke, intern, were there for the unwrapping of Darlene's beautiful print edition.  Darlene Kalynka spent some time at Remarque Print Workshop making prints in the summer of 2017.

Mary Sundstrom, co-owner of Remarque Print Workshop,
 and Kate Coucke, intern,
holding up Darlene Kalyna's print

Both Ambos Lados and Remarque are preparing for international print exhibitions.  This print held below is from J.Leigh Garcia, and was accepted for the 6th Annual International Juried Print Exhibition -- opening December 7th, 2018, running until January 27th, 2019, at Remarque Print Workshop in Albuquerque.  She also has delivered a print for the Ambos Lados International Print Exchange.

has delivered prints for 2 international print shows


5 printmakers from Puebla, Mexico sent their prints:

 Puebla, Mexico

Puebla, Mexico

Irving Isaac
Puebla, Mexico

Erick Rosas (Nahual Rosa)
Puebla, Mexico

Puebla, Mexico


from Albuquerque

Aaron Bass' print edition


prints at the Santa Fe Community College


sent this photo of his edition

More beautiful packaging (photos taken at Horned Toad Prints studio in El Paso):

Monday, November 5, 2018

Instagram Assist

The delivery date has been extended to December 15th, 2018, for the Ambos Lados International Print Exchange!

Instagram has been indispensable for keeping up with other printmakers, especially those working in Mexico, whom we might never know about otherwise.  They do not exhibit often enough in the United States to fully arrive on our American radar.  Likewise, we miss out on great printmakers from Canada, Australia, Europe and from other parts of the world.  However, Instagram exposes us to printmakers worldwide, and helps tremendously for us to keep up.

#ambosladosinternationalprintexchange  -- our hashtag mysteriously appeared on Instagram.


We also have newfound access to DHL and FedEx ( unlike in the 20th century) to ship prints to exhibitions around the world.  Because unlike paintings and sculpture -- prints travel easily!  We can also self-publish catalogs for free-- on CreateSpace, Lulu and Blurb, for instance -- to further promote artistic interaction. We live in the 21st century, and need to take advantage of social media and resources of our time, to expand the artistic dialog to the fullest.

the account of Manuel Guerra,
who is running the print exchange 
from north of the Mexican border,
from El Paso

who is running the print exchange 
from south of the Mexican border,
in Zaachila, Oaxaca

Other Ambos Lados printmakers on Instagram:

Other Important Print Instagrams

We will be showing the Ambos Lados International Print Exchange at UT Arlington, during SGCI North Texas 2019 print conference.  We are part of the TexExchange theme.

Before Dallas Print Austin 2019 happens in January and February.  Instagram helps us keep up.

Prints are coming it.  The Ambos Lados International Print Exchange is going to be a big one.

From El Paso we have to poke at Print Austin, and prepare for SGCI Dallas next year.   In 2019, Tejas Mountain Time (El Paso) has to get ready to rumble with  Texas Central Time (the rest of Texas).  And Instagram is one of the tools and battlegrounds, for those friendly encounters with the rest of the Texas printmakers.

Albuquerque getting busy -- Remarque Print Workshop

The delivery date has been extended to December 15th, 2018, for the Ambos Lados International Print Exchange!

Albuquerque is home to Tamarind Institute and Takach Press, as well as Remarque/New Grounds Print Workshop, where the Ambos print fever was centered during the first weekend of November.

Remarque Print Workshop is offering 2 one week residencies next year -- February 4-9 or March 11-16, 2019.  Apply at CAFE before December 9, 2018.  There are 8 slots available.

Mike Kimball is submitting to the Ambos Lados International Print Exchange.  He recently made a steamroller print in Silver City, New Mexico, for the Southwest Print Fiesta on October 6th.  He also gave a print workshop at Remarque in Albuquerque, on November 2-3.

Mike Kimball's Ambos Lados print

Jessica Weybright, one of the 4 co-owners of Remarque Print Workshop, submitted a print edition to Ambos Lados.

Ren Adams is also submitting.  She added a poetry/performance to  her opening at Remarque on November 2nd, 2018  -- for the "Flatline" exhibition which she curated.  She also printed Rubin Urrea Moreno's relief print for the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta in 2015.

Julianna Kirwin came down to Remarque Print Workshop to deliver her edition for Ambos Lados, though she prints in her own studio at home.

Julianna Kirwin in her home studio

Kimberly McCarthy also delivered her edition.  She is one of the new print interns at Remarque.

Frol Boundin gave a very interesting talk about his printmaking techniques -- etching aluminum and steel in copper sulphate -- during the opening at Remarque on November 2nd.  While he has not signed up for Ambos Lados, his spontaneous presentation is just another fascinating peripheral windfall for the Ambos Lados adventure.

Meanwhile, Henry Morales is busy in his printmaking studio at his house, making his Ambos Lados print, and editioning the print of Augustine Romero.

Henry Morales printing in his home studio

Henry working on the edition

Henry Morales' print
recently exhibited for the "Dia de Los Muertos" exhibition
at the South Broadway Cultural Center in Albuquerque

Lastly, Karl Whitaker is experimenting with the laser cutter at QueLab hackerspace, trying to translate one of his drawings into an intaglio print.  He is maintaining this blog from Albuquerque, which explains all the pictures in this blog posting.

Again, apply by December 9th, for one of 8 one week slots, for the print residency at Remarque Print Workshop in Albuquerque.


The Desert Triangle Print Carpeta was really pleased to be a part of Print Austin earlier this year (2018) while we exhibited at the Mexic-Arte Museum.  Therefore a few of the Desert Triangle/Ambos Lados artists are submitting to the The Contemporary Print (TCP) for next year's Print Austin 2019 (the deadline has passed).

Manuel Guerra and Francisco Delgado submitted their print collaboration:

was submitted for the next Print Austin 2019 exhibition

I believe that Pavel Acevedo submitted to Print Austin as well.

Also HAND Magazine is a great magazine for printmakers. Remarque has a few copies in their print workshop, and I recognized a few printmakers in almost every issue.  In fact, the publisher Adam Finkleston, currently has a print hanging in the Remarque gallery.

The next deadline for submission to Hand Magazine is November 30th, 2018.

Call to Printmakers