Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Printmaking in the USA

Printmaking is very different in the United States, as opposed to Mexico.

Tanya Rich in front of the Longo lithographs


While printmaking can be pretty expensive in the US,  printmaking studios likewise range from garages to very high end complexes.  Below are some photos we managed to get from a few Southwest print studios:


run by Manuel Guerra (tallest),
with Francisco Delgado (red) and Raul Monarrez (r)


David Contreras (right) with his press
with Gonzalo Espinosa (left)



Tamarind Institute is a world class lithography studio located in Albuquerque, and is affiliated with the University of New Mexico. 

Takach Press makes high end printing presses, and sells printmaking supplies.  It is not a printmaking studio, but is conveniently located in Albuquerque.


Exhibitions are not always to easy to pull off, but we do manage to show the prints across the Southwest and the rest of the United States.  Here is link to some of the shows we have put on in the last 4 years.

We are showing the Ambos Lados International Print Exchange at SGCI North Texas in March, 2019. We should get a better venue than we did in Portland.


Currently Remarque Print Workshop in Albuquerque is also going International -- they have their 6th Annual International Juried Print Exhibition on display right now, through January 2019.  Below are a few of the prints:

(who is also in the Ambos Lados print exchange)

Enrique Guadarrama Solis


By a fluke, we found ourselves in Miami during Miami Art Basel time, so we went with an eye on the prints.   There were a lot of other art fairs besides the main Art Basel show in the Miami Convention Center.  We made sure to go to the INK Miami Art Fair that specialized in prints.

Los Angeles

Dublin, Ireland

Dorothy Cross prints,
with the lights on

Dorothy Cross prints,
glow with the lights off

New York

Old School prints from the Arts Students League


Prints by Katsutoshi Yuasa

Madison, Wisconsin



We also went to the main Miami Art Basel fair, and saw fewer prints.  However, the whole event was so overwhelming that it was difficult to grasp what we saw at all.  There were some high end Georg Baselitz prints, for instance:

Georg Baselitz 

I believe printmaking is a little more out of reach in the US.  Printing presses are not cheap, and most people do not have a printmaking set up in their house.  A lot of printmakers use the facilities at the local community college.  Remarque Print Workshop in Albuquerque charges a monthly fee to use their facilities, but not all cities have a public print shop to work in.  Print publishers, like Landfall Press in Santa Fe must be prohibitively expensive.

And interesting response to this are university associated print studios.  At UNM in Albuquerque, we have Tamarind Institute, as noted above.  However the Tandem Press is affiliated with the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Graphicstudio (Institute of Research in Art) is affiliated with the University of South Florida.

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